If you know you want it, I can’t help you, 2016.

Artist’s arm rests motionless until viewer walks near, then viewer is slapped.



Antigone, 2015.

Artist is dragged on a treadmill for the duration of the exhibition.



Murphy_M_11 Murphy_M_12


It takes a little more to make a champion, 2014.

Artist licks gymnasium floor for duration of exhibition.



To ask for permission would compromise the integrity of the work, 2013.

Cast-iron bell used to keep time and organize communal events at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, encased in concrete.


Murphy_M_07 Murphy_M_08


Pray to that, 2012.

The floor of the empty gallery is greased, while the artist hangs off window ledge on the front of the building.

Murphy_M_06Spit, 2012.

Artist is suspended horizontally from the ceiling, spitting continually.